Sunday, 27 March 2011

1960s MOD Make Up: Twiggy Inspired

I'm going to give my mother a little ticking off for not giving birth to me in the sixties... because it is a decade that I absolutely love - with the music, films, fashion and make up. But oh no, I had to be brought up in the world dominated by chavs and ASBOs..... ah well.

This tutorial is based on the MOD style of make up - which was commonly worn by British fashion model Twiggy. A bit of a dare to wear... but I love it.

Inspiration picture

For this look you want to stick to a strong black and white monochrome theme - in fact using just black and white eye shadow was very common, just make sure that you have at least one very light tone of shade and one very dark tone.


MAC eyeshadows: Brule, Wedge, Mystery, Typographic and Gesso
MAC eye kohl: Fascinating
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara

I did not go into the foundation and lips in the video - as I was just showing the eyes, but all you need to remember with a MOD look is to keep your base and lips as neutral and light (as in 'not heavy') as possible.